How to make management of Guest access feature of the Belkin Router

We need to manage the restrictions and permissions for the guest account on Belkin router. For managing this you first need to create access for the login page of the Belkin router, then only you can move ahead to reach the management page of the Belkin router guest account.

Managing the guest account for the wireless Belkin routers:

The below described steps are the words of the technical experts who are well certified in this particular field and even holds good quality experience. The below mentioned words are few easy to follow steps that will help you in managing the account of guest in the wireless router of Belkin:

  • As starting the process, you first need to make the login to the page of Belkin router setup.
  • Then, open the particular browser of your choice that you use on your system and further fill the login address of the BElkin router in the space provided.
  • There you need to type the http router or the IP in the web browser’s address bar. Then, after filling the login address of the Belkin, hit the enter option
  • Then, type the password or even you can leave the field of the password blank if you have not made any changes to the password of the Belkin router.
  • Further, after getting through the login access for the configuration page of the Belkin, opt the option “wireless”
  • After the selection is done, move further to select the “Guest account option”
  • Using that platform you can easily work on the management process of home network of the Belkin router
  • You can even opt the type of security for the guest account management and even configure the unique login credentials for the guest account access.
  • Tap on the apply changes. Doing this will save all the changes made.

These easy to follow steps are very easy to work on but even if you are feeling any doubt or confusion you can avail the technical help from the technical experts sitting at Belkin Router Technical Support. You can contact them by dialing Belkin Router customer care number or Belkin Router customer service phone number 1-877-885-4824.

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